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Iketani invites the pair of them up to Akina to see his team, the Akina SpeedStars. Despite his own skill behind the wheel, Takumi is terrified by Iketani’s driving, with him screaming the whole ride up and feeling sick once they stopped. At the top of the mountain, the SpeedStars are confronted by the Akagi RedSuns, who propose a race between the two teams. As the two teams race off down the mountain, Takumi asks Itsuki why he thinks racing is so enjoyable, with Itsuki questioning available here how cars don’t excite him.

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But, we’ll have to wait for some official news to be sure. Dr.STONE is one of those shonen anime series that never became as popular as the “Big Three”, or even the new “Big Three”, but it still has a devoted fandom and has received critical acclaim over the years. The manga has just recently been completed – on March 7, 2022 – after five years and 25 volumes, so that means that fans know that the anime is also going towards its ending.

  • Mikasa subdues the kidnappers as Levi watches Eren’s hearse.
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